Sigma Business Center is a symbol of the business community in Cluj – Napoca, a brand equal to the prosperity and success of its partners. It is not only a modern office building but a whole complex that generates a state of well-being, a prosperous business environment, a warm and friendly atmosphere, a productive office space. The building management team offers excellent services that provide real support for the tenants’ businesses, while employees’ needs are addressed through a full list of facilities.

The multi-functional real estate complex consists of three buildings which totalize 26,000 square meters: two modern “A” class offices – one of P+ 8 floors with entrance from Republicii Street, another of P + 6 floors with entrance from the Observatorului Street and a retail gallery positioned on the ground floor.

With an ideal location, Sigma is a qualitative building that flexibly meets the needs of its clients by offering both open space offices and individual offices. The rental units available in the building start from 85 sqm, and the average rental area per level is between 650 and 1300 sqm. Each level of the building has 3 restrooms. Access to the building is facilitated by 3 lobbies with their receptions – two on the Republicii Street and one with the entrance from Observatorului Street. Traffic in the two office buildings is assisted by 6 elevators of which 2 are panoramic with a load of 1000 kg each and 2 interior stairs. The building is served by 350 on-ground parking spaces, which are made available free of charge for the first 30 minutes, and the employees benefit from an advantageous subscription system. Access to the parking lot is provided through a secured access point with active barriers and a 24/7 controlled entry.

Nowadays, companies recognize that workspaces contribute to the success of any business strategy. An office environment can influence not just productivity, but also attraction and engagement of staff. Employees’ expectations are changing today. Talent attraction and the changes in the individuals’ behavior at the workplace are some of the most important challenges currently for the companies. The workplace is a combination of process and experience – what we do and how we feel. The right combination will bring more engagement, which will ultimately affect productivity.

How we differentiate ourselves


Sigma Business Center is a modern office building, continuously enhanced with the latest technology innovations available in the industry and the safety and sustainability standards in place, designed to ensure a safe working environment, low operational costs and real support for our customers’ businesses. We are committed to improving constantly what our clients love about our brand and we are in constant pursuit to make our business as efficient as possible for our clients.


The location of the office building, its easy accessibility, excellent connectivity, great surroundings and proximity to many important medical and educational centers, together with a complete list of facilities create altogether a pleasant working environment that truly supports productivity and contributes to the well-being of employees. The nearby commercial and service center becomes part of the complete solution made available to our customers by supporting activity in the building (numerous banks, ATMs, pharmacy, coffee shops, fast-serving restaurants, stationeries shop, and others), but also by contributing to the work-life balance of employees (supermarket, restaurant, recreation area) by facilitating an easy commute, sustaining their well-being thus contributing to their productivity and efficiency at the workplace.


We have a long history based on a real interest in the prosperity of our customers by prioritizing their needs. The long-standing confidence given by our partners has motivated us and led to unbeatable levels of services.
Sigma Business Center is managed excellently by a dedicated management team that provides continuous administrative support so that our customers can focus on their business. With a strong commitment to real partnership, the management team is engaged in developing flexible solutions and really important tools for our customers’ business. The success of the administrative team is based on ease of contact, speed of reaction, time and technology resources available to our customers, our technical capabilities and especially, follow-up and aftercare.


Among the most popular and valued functions by our customers:

Location & Accessibility

• 24/24 Secured Parking
• Bus station at a 100 m distance
• Full time 24/7 access through two main entrances reachable from Republicii Street and Observatorului Street
• 3 Lobbies with their reception, 6 elevators

Leisure facilities

• Traditional and fast-serving restaurants
• Coffee shops
• Retail area with supermarket, stationeries shop, pharmacy, newspaper shop
• Complete list of services available in the retail area from the ground floor: banks, ATMs, currency exchange, beauty salons, dry-cleaning service
• Breakout spaces

List of services

• Receptions and 24- Hour Access
• Secure access
• Meetings rooms – bookable by the hour – represent an important source of cost efficiency since they do not take up important space from tenants unit, but they are available and generate all advantages, foster team spirit when the situation requires
• Strong internet connection through fiber-optic broadband – with an in-house intervention team

• Cleaning services – with internal teams, directly managed by the building administration allowing tenants to focus on their business.
• Technical support and intervention teams – permitting prompt and efficient interventions thus minimizing any possible disruptions for our tenants’ businesses.
• Interior design, construction and installation services through dedicated teams – on-demand service


Sigma Business Center is a multi-functional office building with a total area of 26,000 square meters comprising of:

• an “A” class office building with P+8 floors – accessible from the Republicii Street,
• an “A” class office building with P+6 floors – with access from the Observatorului Street.
• a 7,000 sqm commercial gallery located in the adjacent building at ground – accessible both from the Observatorului and the Republicii Streets

Buildings Characteristics 


• working height: 3.6m;

• the structural strength of the construction is made of reinforced concrete frames with 6 and respectively 3 openings of 6 meters;

• floors are made of prefabricated beams which resist loads of l000kg;

• the facade is carried out by aluminum curtain walls with thermoplastic glass;

• divisions between units are made by light-weighted plasterboard walls


• a centralized heating system through a private central plant with the power of 1790 kWh

• air conditioning system by air conditioners, chillers and VCV (both for air heating and cooling)

• ventilation systems, air treatment center, and ventilation equipment


the entire office building is fully equipped with fire extinguishing systems, internal hydrants, fire extinguishers and fire detection equipment – fire-fighting sensors and a central station for fire detection and alarm, with optical and thermal monitoring sensors. In the event of a fire, tenants are alarmed through audible signals available through BMS. 

• Illuminated emergency exit marking

• CCTV surveillance system for the whole building

• access control systems for common areas and commercial spaces

• intruders detection system and alarm


 ultra-modern BMS system (complete monitoring system for the entire building)

automated monitoring of equipment: chillers, access control, CTA, heating, ventilation, elevators, VCV, and lights

fire control unit: automated monitoring and fire alarm system for all spaces.


• installed power: 1980kW at 220V and 380V;
• all floors are connected to the 380V three-phase electric power supply;
• distribution systems that are available in the building: strong, weak and lighting currents.
• electricity consumption is measured individually for each rental space
• generator and UPS equipment to ensure business continuity
• night lighting


• SIGMA BUSINESS CENTER has been certified with a BREEAM CERTIFICATE. Current certification is valid from December 2019 – EXCELLENT in ASSET PERFORMANCE and BUILDING MANAGEMENT